We are planting an olive tree on behalf of everyone who gets an apartment from the Athena Project.
Get A Tree Planted.

The city of Athens was about to be established and a debate as to whom will be the patron god of the city. All the gods of the Mount Olympus gathered. After various competitions two gods made it to the final. These two gods were Poseidon and Athena. Juror gods declared that they will be electing Patron God of the city out of the one who would offer the biggest present to the city. First a self-confident Poseidon stepped forward. He hit the ground with the trident spear and the earth cracked open and out came three horses. Showing the horses to everyone Poseidon said; “With these horses, habitants of this city shall conquer far and wide, they shall prosper and will never suffer.” All the gods were mesmerized while Athena sniggered at these animals then stabbed the ground with her spear and suddenly out came a sapling from the ground. It rapidly began to grow and became a beautiful tree. “Benefits of the fruit from this tree are too many to mention. People can eat this fruit and add it into their food. They can extract the oil, burn it and light up their nights. Pour it on their dishes and achieve great flavours. It never goes off and preserves goods that can go off. So, they would not have to fight against hardships.” Said the clever Goddess.

All the gods were dazzled by the mere sight of the tree. They all congratulated Athena, the city would be hers henceforth. And the city would be named Athens after her. From that moment on Athena became Goddess of Peace and the branch of the olive tree appeared out of the ground became the symbol of peace. The famous tree of the city of Athens is believed to be the one that stands next to the portico in the Athens Acropolis.

Athena Residence was designed in order to bring together the unique sea view of the Mediterranean, elite tastes and elite style owners. We have brought together the Mediterranean and Istanbul at Athena Residence, which consists of 26 floors, 2 blocks and 174 residences. You can step into this special world where history and nature are together. With its exclusive structure, unique location and architectural details, which are filled with innovations, we offer you the life you desire with designs that make your life easier.