General Specifications of the Project

  • 174 Residences
  • Recreational Facilities
  • 1 Car Parking slot reserved for every independent unit
  • Maintenance Services
  • Lobby
  • Meeting Room
  • Cinema Rooms
  • Gymnasium
  • Adult Recreational Spaces
  • Mosque
  • Aqua Park
  • Restaurants
  • Infinity Pool
  • Children’s Play Ground


  • Controlled entry and exit points to buildings, separate for pedestrians and vehicles.
  • Information and security booths at the building entrance along with entry and exit barrier.
  • Intercom connection between entrance security booth and every flat.
  • Street lighting in communal grounds.
  • Visual Communication System.
  • Presence of 24 hours security.


  • Raft Foundation
  • C40 Class Concrete – STIII Steel Reinforcement
  • Water Insulation on the outer curtain walls of the basement floor
  • Heat and Sound insulation of the internal partitions of the flats
  • Concrete roof
  • Skylighting and Terraces
  • Part Natural Stone, Natural Stone/Hardwood effect ceramics, ceramic, wood, aluminium composite panel laminations
  • Special external structure joinery
  • Windows manufactured by Şişecam, thermopane ultra roving

Mechanic Plumbing

  • Power Generator for the flats and communal areas with the capacity to feed the whole system all
  • State of Emergency lighting, covering common areas of the flats
  • Decorative light switches, wall sockets and lighting equipment throughout and child safe sockets.
  • Digital IP based coloured imaging system
  • Infrastructure required for internet and satellite TV systems
  • Minimum of two telephone lines per flat.

Electrical Installation

  • Water boiler for heating and hot water requirements
  • Infrastructure for Air Conditioning unit
  • Water tank and pump against water shortages
  • Sprinkler units in carparks, fire-hose cabinet and fire hydrant.

Building Entrance

  • Name and door number panel readable from across the hall.
  • Separate for every individual unit a mailbox and an announcement board in the lobby area.