About Us

Foundations of ŞEKERLİSOY Group of Companies were laid in Elazığ in 2006 by the establishment Gül Pharmaceutical Wholesale Depot. The group entered Iraqi market by exporting dry goods and aluminium tubes. With the momentum gained later in 2011, owing to the investments made in construction and energy sectors group’s corporate identity was established and sustained a stable growth. Beginning to invest in the property market as of 2013, group commenced operations in the constructions sector and established its mark in the domestic arena as well. Adding tourism in 2015, manufacturing in 2017 and technology in 2018 respectively into its areas of business, group has also diversified its investments in the healthcare sector and acquired many healthcare companies primarily hospitals and dialysis centres. Group is engaged primarily in 6 sectors including healthcare, construction, property, manufacturing, tourism and technology.

Group of Companies